Briefly News' Young Money Makers

Briefly News’ Young Money Makers highlights the extraordinary entrepreneurial journeys of seven young South Africans. These businessmen and women overcame adversity to start their own successful companies.

Now, they share their empowering stories with Briefly News and our readers.

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Our Mission

Briefly News is a leading SA media outlet with over 6 million monthly pageviews and a social media audience of around 4 million users across the platforms.

Having a wide audience, mostly of a young age, allows us to make an impact and inspire young people to embrace their potential and build a brighter future.

There is no better way to do this than to show real examples of how the youth manage to develop successful businesses, improve their lives, and contribute to the growth of the country for generations to come.

Mhlengi Ngcobo

Mhlengi Ngcobo was sure about one thing: he never wanted to experience financial difficulties again.

Now, at the age of 29, Ngcobo is the owner of five different businesses, including CoffeeMM, with two coffee shops in Stellenbosch. He shares how he went from being a university dropout to a business mogul.

Tinashe Zano

Tinashe Zano is a chartered accountant with his own firm and the founder of Nspire, a sneaker brand that gives back to underprivileged communities similar to the one he grew up in.

After witnessing kids going without shoes during his childhood, Zano made it his personal mission to make a difference.

Sinqobile Mdlalose

Sinqobile Mdlalose is a passionate young businesswoman who tends to flowers and people as the owner of Amora Blooms, a floral and events company she runs independently.

Sinqobile does not let her love of nature's beauty interfere with her day job as an occupational therapist.

Mzamo Mbhele

Mzamo Mbhele, a 24-year-old software developer from Umlazi, South Africa, has always been passionate about technology. This fascination led him to develop a user-friendly app called Webizify, which helps small businesses create their own online stores.

Despite encountering challenges like educating people on the value of online presence, Mzamo is determined to make Webizify a success.

Noluthando Gama

Noluthando Gama is a 22-year-old e-commerce entrepreneur from Newcastle, KZN, who has always had a hustler's spirit. Driven by a desire to be her own boss, Noluthando ventured into e-commerce after taking inspiration from young overseas entrepreneurs.

She started off with drop shipping and using social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to grow her business. She now makes major profits selling high-demand products on popular e-commerce platforms.

Anointing Lukola

Anointing Lukola, a vibrant and creative 27-year-old born in Johannesburg, South Africa to Congolese parents, is making waves in the beaded bag industry. The owner and founder of Mayaka Accessories shared the inspiring journey of her successful business.

Emmanuelle and Ntsako Mgiba

Emmanuelle Mgiba is an impact consultant and development practitioner passionate about improving societies. She is also the co-founder of Shalom Home with her husband, Ntsako Mgiba, a startup advisor and tech ecosystem builder. They shared their inspiring journey to building their business.