Case Study: How You Can Attract Users to Your Website With Profit Button and Interstitial Ads

A regular Briefly News client has seen great results after using the platform's exciting display advertising formats, the Profit Button and Interstitial Ads.

Campaign for Hollywoodbets using innovative formats

Briefly News ran a successful campaign for Hollywoodbets using innovative formats. This case study explains how Hollywoodbets attracted users to its website and other platforms using these advertising formats.

About the Hollywoodbets campaign

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campaign's start

The ad campaign ran from 21 February 2022 to 21 May 2022 in South Africa.
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ads formats

The client used Briefly News Profit Button and Interstitial Ads formats to get clicks.

Choosing Formats

Via a collaborative process, Briefly News and Hollywoodbets established that the main goal was to get clicks and then registrations for their product.
Taking this into account, the Briefly News sales team proposed the most 'clickable' rich media formats we have on offer, the Profit Button and Interstitial Ads.
As an added value, Briefly News’ team can also design your ads’ creatives at no extra cost.
Ad Format

What is Profit Button?

The Profit Button format is a special format that is placed dynamically as a separate image layer on top of the website and can be dragged.
The click-through rate (CTR) is usually around 3% to 4% but depends on the client's creatives. Sometimes, the CTR can reach 5%!
Ad Format

What is Interstitial Ad?

An Interstitial Ad is a full-screen roadblock ad that appears when a user leaves the article page.
For this format, the CTR is up to 7%.
Ads Formats

What if I want to use other formats?

Sure, you can use other formats, but if your goal is to get clicks and attract as many users as possible, the Profit Button and Interstitial Ads are the best formats because these formats have the highest CTR. Let's compare.
The average CTR for standard display banners is about 0.5%
These options are better if you would like to create awareness campaigns. Learn more about our advertising formats here!

Consultation on display formats

If it is exactly what you are looking for, please contact our Sales Representative, Mandy Petrus, to receive a consultation about advertising options.

What were the overall Hollywoodbets campaign results?

Hollywood bets testimonials

“We have had an incredible experience working with the Briefly team. Not only are they highly professional, but they are also incredibly efficient and proactive in implementing optimization strategies to ensure maximum campaign performance.”
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Overall results

During three months, Hollywoodbets got almost 13 million impressions with 423 648 clicks through to their registration page.


Good conversions cannot be without big volumes and appropriate, quality creatives.

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